Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Super Junior and TVXQ make their mark on Twitter’s 2010 results!

2010 marked a boom in the Twitterverse statistics, as more and more celebrities began to use the social networking platform to reach out to their fans. Consequently, fan interaction bumped up another level – celebrities could update quickly on news (whether personal or work-related), or give small presents in the form of numerous selcas.
As the year draws to a close, Twitter revealed their end-of-the-year report on the top Twitter topics and trends of 2010.
According to Mashable, 20% of the trends from 2010 were related to entertainment, and within the entertainment category, 47% was related to music.
What’s next is quite astonishing: 10% of the music-related tweets involved Korea’s popular idol groupSuper Junior, while 2% were of TVXQ. Mashable’s report stated: “Interestingly, music beats out TV in the entertainment vertical, thanks no doubt to the awesome power of Twitter’s boy king himself, Justin Bieber. His only Twitter trend rival, the unstoppable Korean pop group Super Junior, raked in 10% of the music-related trends, falling short of Bieber’s 27%.